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Shipping Larvae to Canada
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Due to the high shipping costs and the amount of paperwork involved (permits & customs), we do not ship caterpillars to Canada. However, if you check with the places listed below you should be able to find someone who can provide you with monarchs.

Good luck!



Dave Clermont
Gaia Nature
180 Giard
Granby, QC
J2G 9H8
Tel: (450) 776-7442
[email protected]


René Boutin
33, St-Georges
Chambly, Quebec
J3L 3J8
Tel: (450) 658-5252
[email protected]

Ken McGrath
66 Edith Drive
Toronto, ON
M4R 1Z2
Tel: (416) 322-6891

or (416) 482-9699
Fax: 416-322-9946
[email protected]

[email protected]

Wayne Bulman
867 Sandy Hook Road
Pontypool ON
L0A 1K0
Toll Free: 800-707-8624
Local: 705-277-2216
[email protected]

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